"VisualEditor" Recently Closed Tasks


170896 Using Hotcat after saving with visual editor tries to edit old version External 1 2017-07-19
154718 On serialising, if a parameter alias is used Parsoid should use its main item's paramOrder External 0 2017-07-21
94663 Issues with BBC references External 8 2017-07-27
166333 Links sometimes point to /w/Pagename instead of /wiki/Pagename Interrupt 0 2017-07-20
170919 Insert menu scrolls vertically and horiztonally, and has clipped message at the bottom of it Interrupt 1 2017-07-21
168932 Automatically generated references appear as empty in the list of all references, with an error "this.model is null" Interrupt 1 2017-07-25
127665 Copying and pasting text and new refs from wikitext results in some old refs being inserted instead Interrupt 0 2017-07-27
129310 Plain paste (Ctrl+Shift+V) of external content into a non-paragraph node breaks, shows ☂ and/or ☀ Interrupt 1 2017-07-27
133096 Math functions are rendering as tiny nodes on the Beta Cluster sometimes Interrupt 0 2017-07-27
147048 Parameter useve does not start the Visual Editor Interrupt 1 2017-07-28
125174 [EPIC] Enable editing for mobile users without JavaScript and kill Special:MobileEditor code in MobileFrontend Mobile 8 2017-07-27
170466 Show preview stopped working in Microsoft Edge NWE 1 2017-07-18
170382 [NWE + CodeMirror] Syntaxhighlighting and actual text out of sync for some special characters NWE 1 2017-07-20
170943 If I insert a link to one of the page's anchor then it appears as a bold text not as a link NWE 1 2017-07-20
170114 Hard to spot removing a space near a line break in the visual diff Rich diffs 1 2017-07-17
170136 Use <del> inside <p data-diff-action="remove"> in VisualDiffs Rich diffs 1 2017-07-17
162820 When two references switch positions their numbering is shown incorrectly in the preview. Rich diffs 8 2017-07-19
166755 JS error when trying to view visual diff after switching from source to visual with new annotation Rich diffs 0 2017-07-19
169574 On diff pages, ?visualdiff=1 doesn't work if diff=prev rather than an revid Rich diffs 1 2017-07-19
171055 Ellipsis not indented correctly in reference list diffs Rich diffs 1 2017-07-20
149753 Allow editing of image captions in place Rich media 8 2017-07-25
170585 Upgrade VisualEditor to QUnit 2 VisualEditor Other 8 2017-07-18
106933 Fix the button Next in the mobile Web wikicode editor VisualEditor Other 0 2017-07-20
170746 VisualEditor Error on Insert menu VisualEditor Other 0 2017-07-20
119706 empty link parameter inside image transclusion inside a templates breaks the Template editor VisualEditor Other 0 2017-07-26
169398 In visual diff, parameter changes to templates inside references are shown out of place VisualEditor Other 0 2017-07-26
170156 Should we indicate to users that visual diffs are in beta? Wikimedia wikis on for all 0 2017-07-15
135950 Create a generic type-indexed node cache Wikimedia wikis on for all 8 2017-07-18
164120 Code block disappears in VE edit mode when specified language is unknown (mismatch read mode) Wikimedia wikis on for all 1 2017-07-18
164790 Add class mw-parser-output to VE's editing area Wikimedia wikis on for all 1 2017-07-18
164791 Add class mw-parser-output to Flow comment- or content- containing elements Wikimedia wikis on for all 1 2017-07-21
165290 Macedonian Wikipedia needs help with the Cite system Wikimedia wikis on for all 5 2017-07-27