"VisualEditor" Open Tasks


54162 VisualEditor: If VisualEditor is the primary editor, type=create and type=fulltext buttons should point to VE, not WT editor VisualEditor Other 2015-01-02 2017-04-20
59200 VisualEditor: Long links are not shown in full in the link searcher VisualEditor Other 2015-01-02 2015-09-10
122788 MediaWiki:Visualeditor-editingtabdialog-body can do without {{SITENAME}}. VisualEditor Other 2016-01-05 2016-01-19
129769 Smarter morphology-aware search for article titles in the linking tool auto-completion by using the Completion Suggester VisualEditor Other 2016-03-14 2016-06-08
147811 Unify mw.widgets.CategorySelector and ve.ui.MWCategoryWidget VisualEditor Other 2016-10-12 2017-05-30