Research Status Report

Project Research from 2017-10-01 to 2017-12-16


In Progress 174108 Port landing page content to Github In-Scope Done None
In Progress 177889 Request public key change for a research fellow Screep Done None
In Progress 146825 [Epic] Wikum research study In-Scope Open None
In Progress 174750 WikiCite 2018 fundraising In-Scope Open None
In Progress 107389 Wikimedia Research discoverability: designing a landing page for the department In-Scope Open None
In Progress 180645 Discoverability and planning of the Research Showcase Screep Open None
In Progress 170862 Traffic by US city: data quality issues In-Scope Open None
In Progress 164537 Research landing page: content vs design coordination In-Scope Open None
In Progress 174733 Conduct structured interviews with team leads in Tech involved in building platforms with an externally-facing audience In-Scope Open None
In Progress 164213 Bot fight blog post In-Scope Open None
In Progress 161251 Themes from GLAM workshop workflow exercise In-Scope Open None
In Progress 152248 [epic] Wikimedia Commons structured data stakeholder interviews In-Scope Open None
In Progress 159492 [epic] Recommendations user evaluations In-Scope Open None
In Progress 144607 Visualization of Wikimedia traffic by language, country and region In-Scope Open None
In Progress 178696 Scope a pilot on identifying unsourced statements Screep Open None
In Progress 179151 Evaluation of the category-centric recommendation by experienced editors Screep Open None
In Progress 179152 Evaluation of the article-centric recommendations by experienced editors Screep Open None
In Progress 173986 Research landing page: Design In-Scope Open None
In Progress 179527 Silent release of assets from paper on early warning indicators of toxic conversations Screep Open None
In Progress 180418 Research Offsite FY18 planning Screep Open None
In Progress 159495 Interviews with GLAM stakeholders in Commons structured data program In-Scope Open None
In Progress 181832 Invite speakers for Wiki Workshop 2018 Screep Open None
In Progress 175664 Analyze editor-editor interactions for instances of wikihounding In-Scope Open None
In Progress 176478 Renovation of Wikistats production jobs In-Scope Open None
In Progress 176500 Write up and publish the WikiCite 2017 report In-Scope Open None
In Progress 164889 [epic] WikiCite documentation and community engagement In-Scope Open None
In Progress 132809 [Epic] Teahouse Q&A dynamics In-Scope Open None
Done 182351 Make HTML dumps available Screep None
Done 173864 GLAM research presentation at SDC offsite In-Scope Cut None
Done 171691 How are Wikidata and OCC reusing data from the Initiative for Open Citations In-Scope Cut None
Done 171693 Create tracker for I4OC outreach / public presentations In-Scope Cut None
Done 172125 I4OC stakeholder call to action, August 2017 In-Scope Cut None
Done 172716 Prepare the talk for Wikimania In-Scope Cut None
Done 164766 Mentorship for Outreachy/GSOC In-Scope Cut None
Done 164620 CSCW program committee work In-Scope Cut None
Done 173453 Publish an open call to action to stakeholders of the I4OC In-Scope Cut None
Done 170179 Research showcase July 2017 In-Scope Cut None
Done 175176 Research Showcase September 2017 In-Scope Cut None
Done 144842 Announce formal collaborations on lists In-Scope Cut None
Done 176383 Provide Comms with high-level stats from WikiCite / I4OC for WMF annual report In-Scope Cut None
Done 167717 RfC on Referer Policy In-Scope Cut None
Done 170505 FY18 Research team overhaul In-Scope Cut None
Done 175043 September Board presentation: highlights In-Scope Cut None
Done 171001 Research Showcase August 2017 In-Scope Cut None
Done 171008 SWIB 17 abstract In-Scope Cut None
Done 171010 WikidataCon submissions In-Scope Cut None
Done 175215 Perform literature review In-Scope Cut None
Done 171504 Wikimania contributions from Wikimedia Research In-Scope Cut None
Done 174727 Research Q2 draft goals In-Scope Cut None
Done 175433 Submit position statement for Dev Summit 2018 In-Scope Cut None
Done 177120 [Talk] Wikidata and structured data initiatives at Wikimedia: Current trends and priorities In-Scope Done None
Done 174736 Submit abstract and paper for The Web Conference 2018 In-Scope Open None
Done 174741 Write and submit the workshop proposal for The Web Conference 2018 In-Scope Open None
Done 174743 Call for papers for Wiki Workshop 2018 In-Scope Open None
Done 174744 Invite reviewers to review workshop submissions In-Scope Open None
Done 166778 Travel reimbursements for WikiCite 2017 participants In-Scope Open None
Done 175188 Survey GLAM stakeholders in Commons structured data program In-Scope Open None
Done 169751 Design review for an interactive visualization of Wikipedia traffic by country and language In-Scope Open None
Done 175663 Publish a rich dataset on citation contexts in Wikipedia In-Scope Open None
Done 175666 Paper submission on early indicators of toxic conversations In-Scope Open None
Done 175949 Approvals and travel dates for All Hands + Dev Summit + Research team offsite In-Scope Open None
Done 176379 Conduct a small-scale checkusers survey In-Scope Open None
Done 176451 Input for October 2017 Quarterly Checkin In-Scope Open None
Done 170691 Create underlying static data files for Wikipedia Traffic visualization In-Scope Open None
Done 177126 2017 Toolforge user survey Screep Open None
Done 177869 [Talk] Current Wikimedia Research priorities + WikiCite (L3S, Hannover) Screep Open None
Done 178542 [Talk] WikidataCon talk: WikiCite: Wikidata as a structured repository of bibliographic data Screep Open None
Done 179949 Create a basic computer vision slide deck for SDC meeting Screep Open None
Done 180001 Give talk in IWSC (Brazil, Niteroi) Screep Open None
Done 180616 Create process for research showcase planning through the end of the fiscal Screep Open None
Done 164761 Create content for Research Landing page In-Scope Open None
Done 174737 Build a prediction model to predict section ranks within category In-Scope Open None
Other 183020 Investigate the possibility to release Wikidata queries Screep None
Other 183033 Devise and announce the details of the program Screep None
Other 183037 Develop a standalone classifier for section synonym finder Screep None
Other 183038 Investigate section dependence and ways to model it as part of classification task Screep None
Other 183039 Gather labels as ground truth for translation and synonym section classifiers Screep None
Other 183041 Explore the design of the interface for the section recommendation experiment Screep None
Other 183042 Run an experiment to evaluate section recommendation algorithm on new or less experienced editors Screep None
Other 183043 Build an API and/or a tool to surface section recommendations Screep None
Other 183011 Research Showcase May 2018 Screep None
Other 183010 Research Showcase April 2018 Screep None
Other 183009 Research Showcase March 2018 Screep None
Other 183008 Research Showcase February 2018 Screep None
Other 183007 Research Showcase January 2018 Screep None
Other 182211 Develop a standalone classifier for section translation (alignment) across languages Screep None
Other 183013 Research Showcase June 2018 Screep None
Other 183031 Oversee paper review process and announcement of reseults Screep None
Other 171615 Anonymize/aggregate data extracted from webrequest logs In-Scope Done None
Other 177359 Transfer remaining research repos under Wikimedia org on Github Screep Done None
Other 106222 Figure out long term viability/funding for revscoring In-Scope Done None
Other 166026 Publish a blog post on Gene Wiki In-Scope Done None
Other 175308 Research landing page: Front-end development pre-launch In-Scope Done None
Other 171678 Port the Wikimedia Style Guide framework In-Scope Done None
Other 180921 Referrer policy for browsers which only support the old spec Screep Open None
Other 99045 Qualitative interviews around value-added measurements In-Scope Open None
Other 99046 Retrieve DOI metadata and identify non-resolving DOIs. In-Scope Open None
Other 99173 Measuring importance In-Scope Open None
Other 99177 Dataset documentation guidelines In-Scope Open None
Other 103694 Update edit session-based labor hours measurements (English Wikipedia) In-Scope Open None
Other 104214 Update/replace Research: FAQ In-Scope Open None
Other 104457 Sessions for several languages In-Scope Open None
Other 105815 Pipeline for data-intensive applications from research to productization to integration In-Scope Open None
Other 106550 Scope targeted contribution campaign meeting with Nate Matias In-Scope Open None
Other 106615 Scientist / analyst job family standardization and career progression In-Scope Open None
Other 106858 Can we use revscoring to predict ClueBot's scores? In-Scope Open None
Other 107383 Edit type classification lit review In-Scope Open None
Other 108523 Surface recent activity in the Research Index In-Scope Open None
Other 109400 Censorship dataset In-Scope Open None
Other 112197 Explore Zenodo as a solution for data hosting In-Scope Open None
Other 116339 Extend Teahouse retention analysis In-Scope Open None
Other 117221 [Epic] Update official Wikimedia press kit with accurate numbers In-Scope Open None
Other 117943 Who are these fellows? In-Scope Open None
Other 129407 Write report on impact of referrer policy rollout In-Scope Open None
Other 138207 [Open question] Improve bot identification at scale In-Scope Open None
Other 140957 Research fellows / interns / collaborators grid In-Scope Open None
Other 141117 Report on Wikimedia's industry ranking In-Scope Open None
Other 141310 Organize a technical workshop for ORES In-Scope Open None
Other 144436 Apply for a Funder ID for WMF In-Scope Open None
Other 144604 Create open data registry entries for Analytics data (PVs and UDs) In-Scope Open None
Other 144639 Propose metrics along with qualifiers for the press kit In-Scope Open None
Other 144889 Pitches for Partnerships (Sheree) In-Scope Open None
Other 145092 Add recommendations about ack'ing WMF in MOU'd publications to FAQ In-Scope Open None
Other 150387 Document data release workflow In-Scope Open None
Other 150542 Rewrite Wikimedia Server Access Responsibilities to account for research/analytics use cases In-Scope Open None
Other 150813 Import Wikimedia Research output into Wikidata In-Scope Open None
Other 156057 Publish localness of coverage bias dataset In-Scope Open None
Other 157174 Blog post - Why We Read Wikipedia In-Scope Open None
Other 157175 Blog post - Why We Read Wikipedia in other languages In-Scope Open None
Other 158476 [Open Question] Automatically detecting accounts that do paid editing activity In-Scope Open None
Other 158896 Provide a spark job processing history and text to extract citations diffs In-Scope Open None
Other 165318 Draft a standardized template for different source datamodels In-Scope Open None
Other 166190 Update page on Meta on indicators of toxic conversations In-Scope Open None
Other 170450 Determine if Firefox bug affected EventLogging results during survey In-Scope Open None
Other 170509 Research admin/project management support In-Scope Open None
Other 170689 Language gaps in Wikipedia: microstory on social In-Scope Open None
Other 171613 Make a copy of webrequest logs during the survey In-Scope Open None
Other 171635 Prototype new models to facilitate sockpuppet detection In-Scope Open None
Other 172410 Phase out and replace analytics-store (multisource) In-Scope Open None
Other 172795 Document the procedure and workflow for sockpuppet detection In-Scope Open None
Other 172796 Create a research page for this project in meta In-Scope Open None
Other 172945 Measure the # of ref tags across Wikipedia languages or for some major language edition In-Scope Open None
Other 173511 Implement technical details and process for "datasets_p" on wikireplica hosts In-Scope Open None
Other 173513 Create a database on the wikireplica servers called "datasets_p" In-Scope Open None
Other 173514 Document the process for importing a new "datasets_p" table In-Scope Open None
Other 173863 Update research project profile on Phab In-Scope Open None
Other 174382 For discussion: Research team member responsibilities w/r/t planned work, unplanned work, discretionary time, and volunteering In-Scope Open None
Other 174739 Make a tool to test section recommendations in editathon settings In-Scope Open None
Other 175098 Research proposal for sockpuppet detection models for Wikimedia In-Scope Open None
Other 175103 Create a sketch of how sockpuppets are detected now In-Scope Open None
Other 175178 Public research JDs In-Scope Open None
Other 175185 Interviews with Commons contributor stakeholders in Commons structured data program In-Scope Open None
Other 175214 Quantifying the value of WMF's formal collaboration program In-Scope Open None
Other 175790 dbstore1002 (analytics store) enwiki lag due to blocking query In-Scope Open None
Other 176824 Discuss and gather the list of requirements for the tool In-Scope Open None
Other 176825 Create one or more EventLogging schema for data collection by the tool In-Scope Open None
Other 176827 Gather basic backend requirements for data consumption by the service In-Scope Open None
Other 176876 Finish production translation work of the recommendation tool started earlier In-Scope Open None
Other 176877 Fix CXServer issues related to the recommendation tool In-Scope Open None
Other 177198 Assist with the GLAM stakeholders survey for Structured Commons Elaborated Open None
Other 177515 Research Showcase November 2017 Elaborated Open None
Other 177521 Permissions to upload data to the analytics cluster from a machine at Drexel Elaborated Open None
Other 177866 Research Showcase December 2017 Screep Open None
Other 178183 geowiki data for Global Innovation Index - 2017 Screep Open None
Other 178695 Formal publication of WiViVi data Elaborated Open None
Other 179526 PC / Review work for The Web Conference 2018 Screep Open None
Other 179693 Review research proposal and get back to the researcher Screep Open None
Other 179871 Subdomain and hosting for research landing page Elaborated Open None
Other 179970 Create a 'State of Research' Slide deck Screep Open None
Other 180013 Work on Recommending Images to Wikidata Items Screep Open None
Other 99044 Italian Wikipedia (itwiki) experiment analysis In-Scope Open None
Other 181444 Provide input for a grant request Screep Open None
Other 181449 Research landing page: Design/dev improvements post-launch Elaborated Open None
Other 181588 Research landing page: Maintenance development post-launch Elaborated Open None