Release-Engineering-Backlog Status Report

Project Release-Engineering-Team from 2017-10-01 to 2017-12-16


Other 182848 Setup diffusion and github sync for kartotherian and tilerator package repositories Screep None
Other 182733 Address proximity of service deployments to train deployments problem Screep None
Other 176774 Reimage cobalt as stretch In-Scope Cut None
Other 176948 Move config & loading logic out of Wikidata build and into mediawiki-config In-Scope Cut None
Other 177047 Composer failed in Selenium job but job didn't stop In-Scope Cut None
Other 174096 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 3: Promote and surface important technical debt topics at large gatherings of Wikimedia developers (e.g., DevSummit and Hackathon(s)) In-Scope Cut None
Other 173576 Templates rendering as links on beta cluster In-Scope Cut None
Other 174093 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 1: Define a “Technical Debt Project Manager” role that regularly communicates with all Foundation engineering teams regarding their technical debt In-Scope Cut None
Other 174095 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation In-Scope Cut None
Other 181661 Connection timeout from tin to new ores servers Screep Done None
Other 181759 Figure out why WikidataBuild tests failed but Wikibase tests didnt in WMF CI Elaborated Done None
Other 91669 Make browser tests voting for all repos of WMF deployed code In-Scope Done None
Other 179406 Documentation for selenium-RelatedArticles-jessie Screep Done None
Other 179780 Consider releasing MediaWiki 1.28.3 Screep Done None
Other 179962 Intermittent tests failure Screep Done None
Other 156445 Streamline/automate MW tarball security release process In-Scope Open None
Other 158730 Automate WMF wiki creation In-Scope Open None
Other 158980 [EPIC] Generate compiled assets from continuous integration In-Scope Open None
Other 162350 split mediawiki tests in unit/integration/smoke tests to speed up CI In-Scope Open None
Other 165585 Make creating a new Language project easier In-Scope Open None
Other 170453 FY2017/18 Program 6: Streamlined Service delivery In-Scope Open None
Other 170456 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 3: Integrated, container-based development environment In-Scope Open None
Other 170480 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2: Developers are able to develop and test their applications through a unified pipeline towards production deployment. In-Scope Open None
Other 170481 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 2: Set up a continuous integration and deployment pipeline In-Scope Open None
Other 173818 [Epic] Kill the Wikidata build step In-Scope Open None
Other 174087 FY2017/18 Program 3: Addressing technical debt In-Scope Open None
Other 174088 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1: The amount of orphaned code that is running Wikimedia “production” services is reduced. In-Scope Open None
Other 174089 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2: Organizational technical debt is reduced. In-Scope Open None
Other 280 [EPIC] Code Deploy Dashboard In-Scope Open None
Other 174786 Provide a reliable test environment that mimics production for running integration tests In-Scope Open None
Other 179462 Audit @wikimedia GitHub org access (2017) Screep Open None
Other 181899 mwgate-php55lint fails to fetch origin Screep Open None
Other 181945 Unable to log in into gerrit: "Cannot assign user name "ashley" to account <some number>; name already in use." Screep Open None
Other 174092 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1 Objective 3: Define and steward a light-weight process for adopting or orphaning/sunsetting products and infrastructure. In-Scope Open None
Other 282 Performance Testing Cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 53494 Use Beta cluster as a true canary for code deployments (tracking) In-Scope Open None
Other 67394 [EPIC] Performance testing environment In-Scope Open None
Other 94620 [EPIC] The future of MediaWiki deployment: Tooling In-Scope Open None
Other 100099 Meeting: Automatic deployment of backend services on beta cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 100294 [EPIC] Encourage developers to increase code coverage In-Scope Open None
Other 101542 [EPIC] Provide pre-merge reports on patchsets (tracking) In-Scope Open None
Other 115629 [EPIC] Enforce "no increase in log errors" during deployments In-Scope Open None
Other 115630 [EPIC] Reduce production log errors to zero* In-Scope Open None
Other 119138 [keyresult] Migrate majority of CI jobs to Nodepool (part 2) In-Scope Open None
Other 119140 [keyresult] Migrate as many misc CI jobs as possible to Nodepool In-Scope Open None
Other 119908 [RfC]: Migrate code review / management from Gerrit to Phabricator In-Scope Open None
Other 121857 Implement a system to automatically deploy schema changes without needing DBA intervention In-Scope Open None
Other 129940 [EPIC] (WIP) End-to-end tests and deploys In-Scope Open None