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Most Recent DataFri 2017-Dec-15 05:25 PMFri 2017-Dec-15 09:25 AM
Report DateSat 2017-Dec-16 06:34 AMFri 2017-Dec-15 10:34 PM

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Project Burnup

History of completed work (above the line) and open work (below the line) for all categories of work over time.

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Overview of all categories, and the status (size of category, completion date, or completion % and forecast completion range).

Per-category burnups

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Help. See also Complete forecast dates for the raw data behind this chart.

Per-Category Burnups

OOjs-UI-0.25.0 OOjs-UI-0.24.3 OOjs-UI-0.24.1 OOjs-UI-0.24.0 OOjs-UI-0.23.5 OOjs-UI-0.23.4 OOjs-UI-0.23.3 OOjs-UI-0.23.2 OOjs-UI-0.23.1 OOjs-UI-0.23.0 OOjs-UI-0.22.5 OOjs-UI-0.22.4 OOjs-UI-0.22.3 OOjs-UI-0.22.2 OOjs-UI-0.22.1 OOjs-UI-0.22.0 OOjs-UI-0.21.4 OOjs-UI-0.21.3 OOjs-UI-0.21.2 OOjs-UI-0.21.1 OOjs-UI-0.21.0 OOjs-UI-0.20.2 OOjs-UI-0.20.1 OOjs-UI-0.20.0 OOjs-UI-0.19.5 OOjs-UI-0.19.4 OOjs-UI-0.19.3 OOjs-UI-0.19.2 OOjs-UI-0.19.1 OOjs-UI-0.19.0 OOjs-UI-0.18.4 OOjs-UI-0.18.3 OOjs-UI-0.18.2 OOjs-UI-0.18.1 OOjs-UI-0.18.0 OOjs-UI-0.17.9 OOjs-UI-0.17.8 OOjs-UI-0.17.7 OOjs-UI-0.17.6 OOjs-UI-0.17.5 OOjs-UI-0.17.3 OOjs-UI-0.17.2 OOjs-UI-0.17.1 OOjs-UI-0.17.0 OOjs-UI-0.16.6 OOjs-UI-0.16.5 OOjs-UI-0.16.4 OOjs-UI-0.16.3 OOjs-UI-0.16.2 OOjs-UI-0.15.3 OOjs-UI-0.15.2 OOjs-UI-0.13.0 OOjs-UI-0.12.12 OOjs-UI-0.12.9 OOjs-UI-0.12.2 OOjs-UI-0.11.8 OOjs-UI-0.10.1 OOjs-UI-0.10.0 OOjs-UI-0.9.1 OOjs-UI



Completed work per week, broken out by category, with highest-priority work on the bottom, in darkest green.

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Help. Full list of tasks resolved in last two weeks.