OOjs-UI Recently Closed Tasks


173350 WikimediaUI theme: Remove obsolete icon flags OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-13
182257 Opacity bug on icons in Chrome OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-13
182426 OOUI MultilineTextInputWidget textboxes are grey in Monobook (Apex) but not in Vector (WikimediaUI theme) OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-13
176837 Use of transform on .oo-ui-panelLayout-scrollable causes blurry text on Safari OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-14
182359 [wmf.11] "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'css' of undefined" when topics are sorted on SD boards OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-15
182395 mwext-qunit-jessie Jenkins job fails for MultimediaViewer (Share/Embed button not working) OOjs-UI 0 2017-12-15
156874 The constructive flag in the OOUI Apex theme should be deprecated in favor of the progressive flag OOjs-UI-0.25.0 0 2017-12-13
175006 Create an icon for suggestions OOjs-UI-0.25.0 0 2017-12-14