iOS Status Report

Project Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog from 2017-04-01 to 2017-07-01


iOS-app-v5.0.1-Kiwi 71120 [EPIC] Improve iOS app accessibility for the disabled In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 128688 Can't scroll to to top of Explore tab by pressing status bar after 3D-peek In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 119655 [] Following links to different wikis from File pages presents blank pages In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 122561 [5.0.0 (601)] Special pages display confusing warnings In-Scope Open 2.0
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127366 Image licenses missing if disconnected after saved article In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127669 Change of T125617 does not apply to edit button in the first section In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 129761 Crash when pressing something after pressing an image, but before the ImageGallery displays In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127839 Fix CIDetector persistent memory usage In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.3-Disco 131285 Regression: Myanmar Wikipedia is not avalible in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 157142 Improve metrics of offline usage in iOS In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 128689 Don't suggest disambiguation pages on the Explore tab In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 143273 Wikidata based ArticlePlaceholder pages won't open in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 65973 Special pages should open in Safari In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 133600 Special:RecentChanges not working on iOS mobile app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 165546 Survey about saved pages usage in iOS Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 107696 Implement simple title search for saved pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141874 Add contextual search to Saved and History In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141873 Add ability to multi-select and delete items in Saved and History in iOS In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 127232 Offer sorting/list option in "Saved [articles]" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131311 Synchronization for saved articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131421 As a user I want a "to read list" to save articles even if I am currently offline In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 139953 Verify that saved page syncing is not overly aggressive with network data In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 158125 Fair use image used as icon on "top read" explore-feed cards In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 168023 [Regression] Top read on enwiki for 6-14-17 has duplicate entries Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 120031 Audit all image resolutions being requested by the app and ensure they're existing cache "width bucket" sizes so we don't explode the caches In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 86605 Implement logging to track user-perceived performance of page load times In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 124336 [SPIKE] Measure CPU usage when switching tabs under high load (Explore, Saved, History) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 166125 Database migration Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 75478 lower case article titles aren't lower-cased in ToC In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 139984 Tapping on an item in the table of contents does not always start VoiceOver to the exact start of the section. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 142524 Collapse the TOC into a rail on iPad with section progress indicators In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 140031 Pressing section in a ToC before the content has loaded doesn't do anything In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 168340 VoiceOver users can't close places pin popover Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 168346 Ensure map/list toggle selected state matches actual view used for VoiceOver Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 168345 Places not always recognized as links for accessability Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 165193 Feed notification card "You can now receive notifications..." text not responding to Dynamic Type text size changes Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125362 SwitchControl users cannot open links in articles in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 166603 Implement custom places accessibility rotor Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 159733 Accessibility for Places In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 159260 VoiceOver cursor is reset by orientation change In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 169013 iOS App gives insufficient blocked information Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126179 Add Text-to-Speech to iOS App In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125364 Switch Control cursor goes under the nav bar and the tab bar when browsing the web view in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126922 Links interrupt text for VoiceOver users, text is therefore hard to understand in the iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 138048 [SPIKE] Audit use case for a reader mode to improve voice over readability of articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 139621 Implement iBooks-like page turn viewing option In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 146690 Font slider does not work on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 148435 Designing, implementing, and testing Accessibility on Apple Platforms In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 147025 Remove "m." fallback from networking In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 154735 Investigate rise in iOS app pageviews since around December 20, 2016 In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 131863 As a new user I need a better explanation of the data sharing option during onboarding In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141539 Settings screens should be presented in a modal on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141746 An article's Edit history on iPad should be presented as a modal In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 143400 Improve the reading experience of footer sections of articles In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141618 Investigate presenting additional relevant content from the desktop version Today's page on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 167889 [BUG] 5.5.0 (1150) on iPad running iOS 9.3.5 Crashes on every Places launch Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 164979 Update featured article cards to utilize full bleed images Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141741 Article citations / references on iPad should appear in a popover In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 142577 Load additional older content as user scrolls down their feed In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141542 Settings screens should be presented in Split view on iPad In-Scope Open 5.0
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141744 Article editing flow on iPad should be presented in a standard modal In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141736 Share-a-fact - should appear as a single popover on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 129567 App welcome screen forces portrait orientation on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141643 Add text next to the "i" icon on full screen image view on iPad making it clear that it is to view license info In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 111827 Conditionally add AppLinks <meta> tags to page <head> In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 143267 Exclude special pages from deep links In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 168739 Pressing "Open in Safari" in the share dialog, only redirects back to the app again Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 147900 [Regression] Not possible to peek or long-press links in reference preview In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 165196 Crash on article find in page on WikipediaRTL scheme Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 165426 [Bug] Explore and Places labels in tab bar are not being translated to system language Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 136774 Audit App Labels to Ensure Longer Translations Aren't Truncated In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 165085 [BUG] Incorrect Arabic translation on launch screen Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138785 Support Maldivian characters in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 166197 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-pictured/en]] i18n issue Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 151365 Changing Primary Language not affecting Daily Content In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 149027 Item titles in search result should respect user's variant settings In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 145760 Create a setting to only display suggestions in pre-chosen languages on the explore feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 168656 [OTRS 2017062110003987] Multi-language places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 146302 As an international user I would like the App Description localized In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138784 add support Maldivian Wikipedia In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160111 Pins with identical coordinates are hidden at higher zoom levels In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 166357 Fix "Read" button on place on iPhone 4s. Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159463 Add 3d touch action to Explore items to open them in Places In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167252 When zoomed in places is missing some items near me even after redoing search Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160577 Update visual design of search box / search page and filtered search functionality on Places based on user feedback In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167711 Places pins seem missing when "searching in area" at high zoom levels Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159974 Ensure Credits file is updated for Maps In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167074 Places showing enwiki results with clean install RTL scheme with hebrew search lang Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167146 Crash when tapping "View on a map" for the Antarctica article on enwiki Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 163567 Update summary for top articles in background Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167340 As a user I want to see items which are close to me on the feed nearby card Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159462 Add footer item to show article in Places In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160695 Update thumbnail logic to be based on pin density on the map, not on zoom level In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 166820 Change places search string to "Search Places" Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159747 Allow redo search in map after single search result In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167250 Peek not working on places list view items Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159871 Don't select an article after Places search unless the search was for that specific article In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 130889 [EPIC] Improve user access and usage of "Nearby" articles In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160701 Non-visual updates to Places search In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167253 App icon 3D touch, then select "Nearby articles", shows the old list view instead of the new map view Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159769 Track interactions with new Places feature In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160751 Follow on tasks for iPad Places In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 166898 Create macro to enable MapBox based build Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159746 Don't clear text when I enter geo search In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160117 Rerunning saved search on Places should show progress indicator In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159779 Add tap to read to more of the Places map item popover In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159347 Clarify error messages for Places In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 164598 Places popover should appear below the map annotation Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 157763 Replace Apple Maps with a freely licensed alternative In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167719 Make "More from nearby your location" tap load map view instead of list view (on Explore "Places near" footer) Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159497 use geographic distance as an optional ranking factor in completion suggester In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 153119 Update Nearby feed item to work with new maps tab In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167590 Ensure vector maps license status is "otherwise noted" per legal footer Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 168020 [Bug] Empty state shown on list view in Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Database 94037 [EPIC] Data Layer Improvements In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 168883 [BUG] In the news notification always opens to article instead of story Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 140044 [EPIC] As a user I want to be notified of interesting and relevant content when and how I choose In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 168722 App crashed when opening news notification Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 139821 As a reader, I'd like to get daily phone notifications to read a random aticle In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 168873 [BUG] In the news notification always opens to article instead of story Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 159172 Two column explore feed on landscape phones In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 160927 Determine if XXX is valid Top Read and potentially add to blacklist In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 155573 [Regression] exclude pronunciation guides from article extracts In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 148739 [Design backlog] Update 'In the news' card In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 165179 [BUG] Explore feed spacing issues Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 168015 [Bug] Tapping on the Explore icon while at the top of feed scrolls article underneath the exposed search Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 165083 Keep columns static when loading new content on iPad Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 152227 Handle Wikidata descriptions containing Q#### reference numbers better In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 168512 Main page feed card should use the same sort order on iPad as iPhone Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 153224 Consistent consumption of announcements feed endpoint In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 165807 Improve news lead image selection Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 158927 [BUG] Unable to load errors on widgets In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 142761 Create an "In the news" widget In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 103373 Add "Forgot your password" to login screen In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 94415 Add iCloud KeyChain support In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158882 Validate username availability prior to submit In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 88083 Mobile apps users should not be shown captchas when creating accounts In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157523 Make Password reminder, Change pwd and 2FA view controllers use LoginFunnel In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157517 If user is granted "admin" rights their pwd length requirement rises to 8 characters - show pwd change interface with appropriate message (now showing temp pwd message) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165166 [BUG] Don't use explode-y pin animation on initial Places display Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 166392 [BUG] Missing shadow on Navigation bar Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 160773 Continue Reading Widget title text clipped In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 152733 [BUG] News detail images are extremely low quality In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163257 Users should not see announcements in first session after install Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163318 [BUG] Image loading sometimes fails Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163484 [BUG] Duplicate explore feed sections Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 162323 [Bug] Deep links from Safari open app to Explore feed, not selected article Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163965 Face detection not used on some tiny thumbnails with clear faces Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 162988 [BUG] Lead image animated GIF handling broken by image cache changes Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167308 [BUG] Enable location card missing translations & full dynamic type support Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 162507 Continue Reading widget keeps showing old article even after you pop it off the stack and read article underneath Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167958 Fix 5.5 explore feed crashes Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 161216 [BUG] Crash on launch after cache buildup In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 164638 Localization issue with "Turn on notifications" button Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 149439 [BUG] Removing 'Other' article improvement tag requires writing an empty description In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167884 Fix invalid quad key crashes Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 165111 Small "Suggested for you" layout bug Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163485 [BUG] HTML in top read titles Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 149066 Regression: Article TOC should match article writing direction (RTL) In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 165117 First paragraph transform broken Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 137472 Small Images Aren't Saved when Saving an Article for Later In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 168037 App crashes if exiting "article history" before loading Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 162638 Spotlight results for Saved Articles don't open correctly Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 156977 iOS App - Articles with quotes slightly misaligned when content menu collapsed In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167241 [BUG] Tapping on a place group zooms in too closely Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163991 [BUG] Excessive background time and battery use Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163482 [BUG] Nearby 3D Touch Shortcut Doesn't Open Nearby Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163758 iOS 9 clean install crashes Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 87784 Tables displayed without grid lines In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 164518 Fix top 5.4.1 crashes that have clear solutions Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 150682 Reference parsing isn't capturing all html for a reference on a specific page In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167298 [BUG] Languages without a plural translation for relative dates show `{{PLURAL:0...` strings Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 142797 [BUG] The same 2 articles displayed twice on search results In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163490 [BUG] Background app refresh not working Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 140862 [BUG] Semi-protected articles cannot be edited after logging in In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 132638 Pressing links while previewing edit, shows confusing pop-up In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 140861 [BUG] Semi-protected articles can be "edited" even after logging out In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 163489 [BUG] No loading status and notification header not visible on first launch Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 165507 [BUG] Debug menu is missing on builds that support tweaks Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 160605 Unclear Wikipedia-ios-preference-summary-eventlogging-opt-in In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 162322 [Bug] Deep links from 'Look up' open app to Explore feed, not selected article Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 165115 action=mobileview sections delivering a div of class "mw-parser-output" without a matching closing div Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 149394 Fix for incorrect column count CSS due to Parsoid generated HTML being different from PHP Parser output In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 165801 [BUG] `Because you read` date is incorrect Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 168062 [BUG] Out of date 'In the news' notifications Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 166773 [BUG] Disclosure indicator is flipped on Places "read" button Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 167371 Fix peeking on images with capitalized extension - i.e. ".JPG" Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 164639 Maintaining association with "redirect from" title instead of "redirect to" title appears to cause editing and history bugs (happens with link clicks but not with search result selections) Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127337 Fix status bar transition bug & go back to view-controller-based status bar updates In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168649 [OTRS 2017062110022993] - update is "glitchy" Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168642 [BUG] Explore feed date headers showing '09' instead of '9' for days < 10 Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137899 Remove HockeyApp/Piwik config from Jenkins or the Project file In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 128978 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-explore-most-read-more-list-title/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 131067 Fix qqq "no such locale" warning when compiling the project In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165090 [BUG] Page position not maintained after tapping back Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 103914 [] ISBN number links give "The operation couldn't be completed.(ArticleFetcher error 666)" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140404 Missing page if tapping on wiktionary link in "enwiki > Ocean" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165050 wmf_stringByCapitalizingFirstCharacter is hardcoded to the current search language Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 98409 Figure out why removing "box-sizing:border-box" from styleoverrides.less causes collapsed tables to extend off right side of screen. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 136044 As an autoconfirmed editor I am unable to edit semiprotected pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 120442 Incomplete but functioning template output results in broken Share a Fact images In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 114088 There is no section 0 in r8717465 trying to edit In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 92784 Confusing nested "quick facts" in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 163766 Welcome language screen has languages in wrong order Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 162637 Saved articles are duplicated in Spotlight search results Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138082 Improve latency sampling in the apps In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138343 [BUG] Certain Articles can Scroll Left & Right In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 151979 To scroll via arrow keys on iPad hardware keyboard, need to tap into page content first to set focus In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 143143 All main tab views can be put in landscape In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126398 VoiceOver cursor does not return to former position after following links and coming back in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 169209 [BUG] Layout incorrect after rotation for some cards Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 153595 Unapproved article version shown in mobile apps In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 139519 When copying an animated gif image from the gallery view, it only copies a still png image In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127376 Should capitilze first letter after colon, in "Did you mean User:foo" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 169262 Read more text line height with smallest-size system font is too low, text runs into itself Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 163276 Show only approved article version for FlaggedRev Wikipedias Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141374 [BUG] Side Scrolling on Articles with the Listen Template In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168854 [BUG] Deep link to top read doesn't work if app is fully quit Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168737 When accessing a Wikipedia: page by navigating to it, the page name is not listed in the history tab Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168884 [BUG] "Enable notification" card pushes article view with error when tapping outside of the button area Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 156370 License in Gallery view does not account for multiple (and sometime conflicting) licenses e.g. {{Licensed-PD-Art}} or {{Licensed-PD}} In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126690 Can't edit User:Josve05a/sandbox5 from the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165905 Picture of the day images get out of sync when loading previous days Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140411 [BUG] Empty more infomation box for (h2) references contains nothing, and level 3 headings are located below the box In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137990 Zero: Investigate removing the limit on carrier tagging to m-dot and zero-dot requests In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 156321 Large bulleted lists cause scrolling lag (Ticket#2016123110010637) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 107530 Language selector does not find Farsi language only Persian In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 132209 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-page-read-in-other-languages/en]] needs PLURAL In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 85528 autoconfirmed users unable to edit semiprotected page via mobile In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-Bugs 143877 Kartographer maps are not shown in Wikipedia App In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138344 [BUG] Handoff while on an Edit Page results in an error In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 128979 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-welcome-explore-tell-me-more-related/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168688 Footnote highlighting does not line up with footnote if the notification tool bar is bigger than normal Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126396 Edit buttons inside articles not accessible with VoiceOver and Switch Control in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141747 Bug: When saving an edit on iOS, the saving message should be a Progress indicator In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5-production 113274 As a user, I can see the Wikipedia iOS app description in my App Store language In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 160970 Remove image overflow js transform (upstream provides this now) In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 162452 The number of "Because you read" sections in the feed is overwhelming for users who read and/or save a lot of articles Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 163352 Release 5.4.1 (1124) Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 158686 Integrate shared table collapsing js into iOS app In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 159973 Evaluate Twitter Image Pipeline as a replacement for SDWebImage In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 152167 Modify iOS Explore cells to use thumbnail urls which match cell image presentation sizes (featured, most read and news sections) In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 163236 As a user, i’d expect items in the history not to be on disk Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 162086 iOS 10.3 OS search result deeplinks open app but not linked article Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 156207 iOS Appsee Diary Study In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 167332 Release 5.5.0 (1153) Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166419 TOC close button missing when device lang is RTL Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 167476 Fix missing `Similar pages` article footer menu item Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 167323 Final regression test on 5.5.0 release candidate, build 1153 Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 145122 Update bundled CSS for mw-empty-li Screep Done 1.0
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 161271 Find in Page field not large enough when no results found Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166169 Use capitalizedWikidataDescription on map item description Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 167251 Peek on top read detail view item zooms the entire view instead of just the cell being peeked Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 148198 Update Unit tests for new feed logic In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 163730 Clearing all history items causes up-and-to-right animation. Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166840 Adjust the alignment of the "current location" button to be optically centered Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 165207 Add iOS test to see if beta cluster introduces unbalanced div or span to mobileview section html output Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166242 Update continue reading relative timestamp to more closely match `Because you read` and system default behavior Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166834 Add Wikidata descriptions (when available) to search results on Places Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166614 RTL text alignment for results in this area button Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 147728 Switch article footer (read more etc) to use JS injection instead of native overlay In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 167082 Fix iOS initial viewport scale calculation bugs Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 164886 Update app's "make css" process to use proper upstream math bits (from ext.math.styles) instead of those from the mobile app extension which are being removed Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 131350 [Tech side] As a user I want to manually clear the app cache In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166418 Regression: TOC table header is aligned wrong when loading article with writing direction different than device lang direction Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166084 Regression: Search bar language buttons truncated to 2 chars Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 143565 Small iPhone landscape Find in page highlight less prone to showing in viewport Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 140808 Imageinfo query is being made for each image in gallery, instead of one query for all images In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 164324 Integrate collapse table consolidation on iOS Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166831 Add 'Your current location' to search results in Places Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166268 Review and refine visual updates to Explore Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 123244 As a user, I shouldn't see the same article in multiple sections in the feed so that I can always be excited about seeing _new_ articles in the feed. In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 130159 As a user I would like searching wikipedia to be a prominent option when I first see the Application In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 162470 Utilize fallback images for In the news feed items Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166615 Top read / Search filter panel goes to wonky town if you open it in landscape then rotate to portrait Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 164076 Visual updates to the Places feature - Search Bar overflow Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166846 Use same color for Wikipedia word mark on top of explore as we do for the gear and "W" icons Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 126493 Support pluralized localized strings Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 165825 Use ESLint for JS linting. Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166616 Enable location panel not centered on rotation Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 164425 Re-sync app with updated wikipedia-page-library (it's had a name change) Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166839 Wait to show the "Nearby matching..." search result until after other search results have loaded Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 166849 Increase the visual distinction of the detail view link on feed cards Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 167171 Read More items do not peek and pop Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 164105 Footer design Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169154 Define sepia toned color pallette Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 167925 Utilize summary extracts on horizontal cards when a Wikidata description is not available Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169145 Update reading themes controls in the article reader Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169153 Define night mode color palette Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169142 As a user who reads a lot, and reads at night, I'd like to control the colors and brightness of Wikipedia Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 145262 Add a Wikipedia sticker pack to the app Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 141881 Swiping left on a list item should show relevant actions for that item across lists in the iOS app Feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 167339 Exclude pages form History and Continue Reading when they fail to load Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 135769 As an Explore user I want to see items "on this day" in my feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169255 Add controls for reading themes to Settings view Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 139514 Unexpected view jump when loading gallery images In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 166356 Add upstream test for html in announcements fields which don't presently support html (on iOS) Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 71168 De emphasize pre selected edit summaries in mobile application Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 164140 Refactor listeners.js to be not insane Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 165420 Integrate redlinks transform on iOS Screep Open 1.0
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 166270 As a first time user or updater I want to know the W button is the home button Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169147 Update toolbar icon for reading themes Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169259 Create a sticker pack extension for iMessage Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169260 Create app store assets for the sticker pack Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169156 Research what context information we can access to support "auto night mode" Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169256 Define technical architecture for storing and applying reading themes Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169148 Apply reading themes to article view Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169149 Apply reading themes to native views Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 167561 Add GFDL as a license on the preview page when publishing an edit Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 129801 Update Share-a-fact cards to include appropriate license for image used Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 169151 Allow user to "dim" images across the app Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 167363 `In the news` and `Today on Wikipedia` using same icon - double-checking this is intentional Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 164138 Consolidate redlinks transform Screep Open 2.0
iOS-app-v5.6.0-Goat-On-A-Train 164801 Research and define initial technical requirements for app analytics Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.1-Lizard-On-A-Moldy-Bath-Mat 168082 For first time users, after accepting Notifications, Explore header has a large unintended gap Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.5.1-Lizard-On-A-Moldy-Bath-Mat 168572 Fix remaining top 5.5 crashes Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.1-Lizard-On-A-Moldy-Bath-Mat 166828 In the news detail view cells horizontal scroll sometimes not resetting when scrolling vertically Screep Open None
Accessibility Sprint Oct 2016 126691 UI does not reflect accessibility settings for bigger and bolder letters in iOS app In-Scope Done None