iOS Status Report

Project Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog from 2017-10-01 to 2017-11-22


iOS-app-v5.0.1-Kiwi 71120 [EPIC] Improve iOS app accessibility for the disabled In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127839 Fix CIDetector persistent memory usage In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 129761 Crash when pressing something after pressing an image, but before the ImageGallery displays In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 122561 [5.0.0 (601)] Special pages display confusing warnings In-Scope Open 2.0
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127366 Image licenses missing if disconnected after saved article In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127669 Change of T125617 does not apply to edit button in the first section In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.3-Disco 131285 Regression: Myanmar Wikipedia is not avalible in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 157142 Improve metrics of offline usage in iOS In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 143273 Wikidata based ArticlePlaceholder pages won't open in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 178285 [BUG] Clicking on coordinates in infobox gives an error message Elaborated Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 65973 Special pages should open in Safari In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 133600 Special:RecentChanges not working on iOS mobile app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 107696 Implement simple title search for saved pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141874 Add contextual search to Saved and History In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 180765 OTRS issue with downloading saved articles Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 139953 Verify that saved page syncing is not overly aggressive with network data In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 127232 Offer sorting/list option in "Saved [articles]" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131421 As a user I want a "to read list" to save articles even if I am currently offline In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131311 Synchronization for saved articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141873 Add ability to multi-select and delete items in Saved and History in iOS In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 168023 [Regression] Top read on enwiki for 6-14-17 has duplicate entries In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 158125 Fair use image used as icon on "top read" explore-feed cards In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 178213 [BUG] Pressing "See more top read" does nothing Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 166125 Database migration In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 86605 Implement logging to track user-perceived performance of page load times In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 174619 Fix iOS 11 TOC icon crash. In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 140031 Pressing section in a ToC before the content has loaded doesn't do anything In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 139984 Tapping on an item in the table of contents does not always start VoiceOver to the exact start of the section. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 142524 Collapse the TOC into a rail on iPad with section progress indicators In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 75478 lower case article titles aren't lower-cased in ToC In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126179 Add Text-to-Speech to iOS App In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125362 SwitchControl users cannot open links in articles in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125364 Switch Control cursor goes under the nav bar and the tab bar when browsing the web view in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 148435 Designing, implementing, and testing Accessibility on Apple Platforms In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126922 Links interrupt text for VoiceOver users, text is therefore hard to understand in the iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 169013 iOS App gives insufficient blocked information In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 166603 Implement custom places accessibility rotor In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 138048 [SPIKE] Audit use case for a reader mode to improve voice over readability of articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 139621 Implement iBooks-like page turn viewing option In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 159260 VoiceOver cursor is reset by orientation change In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 146690 Font slider does not work on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 131863 As a new user I need a better explanation of the data sharing option during onboarding In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 175789 [BUG] Crash on sharing article from table view swipe action on iPad In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141736 Share-a-fact - should appear as a single popover on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141643 Add text next to the "i" icon on full screen image view on iPad making it clear that it is to view license info In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141542 Settings screens should be presented in Split view on iPad In-Scope Open 5.0
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141744 Article editing flow on iPad should be presented in a standard modal In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 129567 App welcome screen forces portrait orientation on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 147900 [Regression] Not possible to peek or long-press links in reference preview In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 111827 Conditionally add AppLinks <meta> tags to page <head> In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 179351 Deeplinks from zh wiki open in Safari Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 143267 Exclude special pages from deep links In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 176696 [Bug] Language selector has layout issues on iPhone X landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 139440 Update list of languages on the App Store In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 146302 As an international user I would like the App Description localized In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138784 add support Maldivian Wikipedia In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 145760 Create a setting to only display suggestions in pre-chosen languages on the explore feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 170623 Add concise app store description string(s) to localizations strings In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 166197 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-pictured/en]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 136774 Audit App Labels to Ensure Longer Translations Aren't Truncated In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 151365 Changing Primary Language not affecting Daily Content In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 168656 [OTRS 2017062110003987] Multi-language places In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 149027 Item titles in search result should respect user's variant settings In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 165085 [BUG] Incorrect Arabic translation on launch screen In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138785 Support Maldivian characters in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167719 Make "More from nearby your location" tap load map view instead of list view (on Explore "Places near" footer) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 168020 [Bug] Empty state shown on list view in Places In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 171284 Retrieve both primary and secondary coordinates In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 167590 Ensure vector maps license status is "otherwise noted" per legal footer In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159497 use geographic distance as an optional ranking factor in completion suggester In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 157763 Replace Apple Maps with a freely licensed alternative In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 171286 Do not include “(pictured)” in notification text if no picture is attached with the notification In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 139821 As a reader, I'd like to get daily phone notifications to read a random aticle In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 165083 Keep columns static when loading new content on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 153224 Consistent consumption of announcements feed endpoint In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 178212 As a reader, I want to read more about the subject of a "Picture of the day" image Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 168015 [Bug] Tapping on the Explore icon while at the top of feed scrolls article underneath the exposed search In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 152227 Handle Wikidata descriptions containing Q#### reference numbers better In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 165807 Improve news lead image selection In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 142761 Create an "In the news" widget In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157523 Make Password reminder, Change pwd and 2FA view controllers use LoginFunnel In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 88083 Mobile apps users should not be shown captchas when creating accounts In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 94415 Add iCloud KeyChain support In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 103373 Add "Forgot your password" to login screen In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157517 If user is granted "admin" rights their pwd length requirement rises to 8 characters - show pwd change interface with appropriate message (now showing temp pwd message) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158882 Validate username availability prior to submit In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 178064 [BUG] Explore layout to narrow on iPads running iOS 10 or earlier Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 177565 [BUG] Top Read widget cuts cells in half sometimes on iOS 11 Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 179480 [BUG] iOS 11.1 featured article widget "Unable to load" Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 179355 [BUG] Loading indicator never goes away after pull to refresh Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 172985 [BUG] iOS 11 system search bar is taller than iOS 10 In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 177558 [BUG] Gray "top read" widget text seems to have lower contrast with background than pre iOS 11 Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 179479 [BUG] Scroll to top shows search bar unanimated on explore feed (iOS 11.1 only) Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 171353 Investigate OTRS report that when logged in edits appear unattributed In-Scope Done 1.0
iOS-app-Bugs 174074 Attribution link for Maps in Libraries list is broken (404) In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 177487 Implement accessibility actions for swipe action cells Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 178351 [BUG] Similar pages, Article history, Page issues headers are not themed Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 177406 [BUG] Force touching "all the way" quickly to display an article in the feed results in cancelled/blank article Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 177003 [BUG] Featured article widget is always "unable to load" In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 176644 [BUG] Explore feed content is covered up by iPhone X's notch In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 178066 [BUG] Explore feed layout incorrect after adjusting text size Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 174840 [BUG] Settings > Appearance does slight upward animation when you tap "< Settings" to return to settings menu In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 174841 [BUG] Search box overlaps status bar on landscape a bit [iOS 11] In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 174842 [BUG] Fix edit preview article theme In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 174876 [BUG] Tables not collapsing on pages with apostrophe in title In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 178065 [BUG] Location prompt shown prematurely Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 176524 TOC stuck onscreen after rotating iPhone on iOS11 In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 175310 [BUG] Fix specific case where dark mode isn't excluded from smart invert changes In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 175904 [BUG] Share-a-fact removes parenthetical content from selected text In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 175753 [BUG] Close and share buttons are missing from the image gallery on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 175751 [BUG] Search field is clipped on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 175423 [BUG] Articles with wide math formulas scroll horizontally In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 128978 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-explore-most-read-more-list-title/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168649 [OTRS 2017062110022993] - update is "glitchy" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127376 Should capitilze first letter after colon, in "Did you mean User:foo" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168688 Footnote highlighting does not line up with footnote if the notification tool bar is bigger than normal In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 168737 When accessing a Wikipedia: page by navigating to it, the page name is not listed in the history tab In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127337 Fix status bar transition bug & go back to view-controller-based status bar updates In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126690 Can't edit User:Josve05a/sandbox5 from the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 170865 [Bug] Article share card not appearing on Twitter In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126398 VoiceOver cursor does not return to former position after following links and coming back in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126396 Edit buttons inside articles not accessible with VoiceOver and Switch Control in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 172763 [OTRS Report] App crashes when selecting Other edit summary In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-Bugs 172909 [BUG] Extend gray to bottom of short article pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 173529 [Spike] Experiment with new logic for TOC reflected displayed sections In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 173609 It's easy for a user who normally edits while logged in to edit while logged out. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 120442 Incomplete but functioning template output results in broken Share a Fact images In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 174790 [BUG] Explore Top Read & Continue Reading headers & footers have unexpected peek/pop behavior In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 174993 Vandalism in "In the news" articles persisting in the app' ? In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 143877 Kartographer maps are not shown in Wikipedia App In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 156321 Large bulleted lists cause scrolling lag (Ticket#2016123110010637) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 156370 License in Gallery view does not account for multiple (and sometime conflicting) licenses e.g. {{Licensed-PD-Art}} or {{Licensed-PD}} In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 143143 All main tab views can be put in landscape In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 181102 [BUG] Fix search term highlighting on dark and sepia Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141747 Bug: When saving an edit on iOS, the saving message should be a Progress indicator In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141374 [BUG] Side Scrolling on Articles with the Listen Template In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140411 [BUG] Empty more infomation box for (h2) references contains nothing, and level 3 headings are located below the box In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140404 Missing page if tapping on wiktionary link in "enwiki > Ocean" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 139519 When copying an animated gif image from the gallery view, it only copies a still png image In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 161219 [BUG] 'Recent searches' should list full article names In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 162637 Saved articles are duplicated in Spotlight search results In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 163276 Show only approved article version for FlaggedRev Wikipedias In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 164639 Maintaining association with "redirect from" title instead of "redirect to" title appears to cause editing and history bugs (happens with link clicks but not with search result selections) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165050 wmf_stringByCapitalizingFirstCharacter is hardcoded to the current search language In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138344 [BUG] Handoff while on an Edit Page results in an error In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138343 [BUG] Certain Articles can Scroll Left & Right In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165090 [BUG] Page position not maintained after tapping back In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138082 Improve latency sampling in the apps In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 165905 Picture of the day images get out of sync when loading previous days In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137990 Zero: Investigate removing the limit on carrier tagging to m-dot and zero-dot requests In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137899 Remove HockeyApp/Piwik config from Jenkins or the Project file In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 136044 As an autoconfirmed editor I am unable to edit semiprotected pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 132209 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-page-read-in-other-languages/en]] needs PLURAL In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 131067 Fix qqq "no such locale" warning when compiling the project In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 128979 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-welcome-explore-tell-me-more-related/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 175543 [BUG] UI lockup when loading the Explore feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 175777 Edit Pencil and Protected Edit Pencil are missing on iOS9 In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 114088 There is no section 0 in r8717465 trying to edit In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 175974 [BUG] On this day occasionally duplicates events In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 176901 [BUG] Unable to switch between Chinese language variants using the article language picker In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 176902 [BUG] Chinese language variant mismatch on title in history In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 177360 [Bug] Article cells are backwards for RTL languages Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 107530 Language selector does not find Farsi language only Persian In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 103914 [] ISBN number links give "The operation couldn't be completed.(ArticleFetcher error 666)" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 98409 Figure out why removing "box-sizing:border-box" from styleoverrides.less causes collapsed tables to extend off right side of screen. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 178729 [BUG] The last row of text on the ‘My language’ page displays after the page has finished loading Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 178917 [BUG] Some articles scroll horizontally Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 179127 Graphs and Charts issues on Sepia and Dark modes Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 179201 Peek/popping picture of the day displays unnecessary icons Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 179209 Unable to add bold and italic while editing on the App Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 92784 Confusing nested "quick facts" in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 179723 [SPIKE] Investigate whether Parsoid output can help solve theming issues Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 179746 [Design bug] Peek fonts should match the font styling of the Random article / featured article in the Explore feed Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180057 [BUG] Nearby "compass" view cell peek not using new article peek view Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180059 [BUG] All feed detail views stop responding to title bar taps if you peek but don't pop on a cell Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180078 [BUG] Login and account creation screens allow user interaction while requests are processing Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180389 [BUG] On this day cell peek sometimes shows a small sliver Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180390 [BUG] Smart invert not working for nearby compass cell images Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 180632 [BUG] Explore "Save for later" button touch target is too small Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 85528 autoconfirmed users unable to edit semiprotected page via mobile In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-Bugs 180865 [BUG] iPhone X search regression Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 151979 To scroll via arrow keys on iPad hardware keyboard, need to tap into page content first to set focus In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 153595 Unapproved article version shown in mobile apps In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5-production 113274 As a user, I can see the Wikipedia iOS app description in my App Store language In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 177118 Update article tool bar icons to utilize iOS 11 style In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176806 The scroll indicator is overlapping with some content in the article view on landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176807 Content title in TOC in landscape is out of alignment with the H1 labels and appearing outside of the safe area In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176809 Vertical alignment of navigation text is off In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176814 Visual updates to history tab in landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176818 Notification detail view in Settings misaligned on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176819 Ensure that the new on boarding navigation elements are in the safe area above the home indicator on iPhone 10 In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 178934 Peek/popping on this day from the explore feed shows incorrect preview Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176915 App project demonstrating the push animation issues on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 174714 When I force press an image, the preview should be the image, and the share action should be available In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 129801 Update Share-a-fact cards to include appropriate license for image used In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176804 Search results should be extended to the safe area and the search results cell background should be full bleed In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176775 iPhone X useability and design issues for iOS app In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176776 Search bar on Explore feed needs to be inset within the safe area on landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176777 Feed card detail view lists should go edge to edge with content inset In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176778 On search overlay the search button and close button should be inset to fit within the safe area In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176783 'Recently Searched' label and clear button are extended beyond safe area and falling underneath the bezel on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176784 In Settings view cell background color (esp. on Dark / Sepia mode) should extend to fill the full width on landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176788 On landscape the image gallery caption is extending beyond the safe area and being clipped by the notch / curved edges of the iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176789 Legal text in location permissions request on Places is not shown on landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176794 Tapping the History or Saved tabs should not change scroll position In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176795 Search bar on Places should be shortened in width so that both the search bar and the view tab fit within the safe area In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176799 Visual issues (safe areas and cell backgrounds) on Places search in landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176800 Warnings and alerts do not extend their color to the screen edge on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176801 Thumbnails in the list view on Places are extending outside of the safe area in landscape and being clipped by the iPhone X notch In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176803 The Places search filter drawer (top read / saved) is not tappable In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 174713 Add swipe to save and share actions to Top Read full screen In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 174085 Update to the new WMF logo icon on About this app-page In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 177557 Places crashing on iPad(s) Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 177560 German version of data collection onboarding page has issues Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 172747 Add link out to an article's Talk page as an item on the footer menu In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 177861 Places crashing in List View or when searching list Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 177872 Mediaviewer for saved articles repeatedly warns of no internet when offline Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 172746 Add "View in browser" as a footer link In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 172565 As an iOS 11 "smart inverted color" user, I don't want the wikipedia app to invert image colors In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 172448 Investigate deep link behavior changes in iOS 10.3 and/or Wikipedia 5.4.1 and on In-Scope Done 1.0
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 178208 Release 5.7.0 (1247) Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 175329 Update app to recheck feed more often to prevent vandalism from being retained In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 175373 Remove Masonry framework Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 172203 As a user who wants to share a fact or article, I want it to be easy and intuitive to do In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 169941 As an On this Day user I want more interesting events from further back in time In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 175309 Finalize english string for onboarding In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 174721 Implement custom swipe actions for collection view layout In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176692 [Bug] Page indicator is misplaced on iPhone X In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.7.0-Corgi-On-A-Surfboard 176697 Appearance control background doesn't extend to full width in iPhone X landscape In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 178124 As a user of share-a-fact, I want to be able to easily distinguish the share-a-fact card preview from the share overlay Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 178913 Remember last open page when reopening the app after closing Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 181104 Tweak Featured article widget "Save for later" button color Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 180846 Fix code highlight theme-ing Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 172990 Option to have article tables open by default Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 180835 Re-show nav bar when making TOC selections Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 178912 Text size slider is not usable when using voiceover Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 175320 Switch to using headless section transform and attachment In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 175323 Integrate lazy image loading transform In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 175322 Modify existing index.html handling to not inject entire article html, but append transformed doc fragments for each section In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 179436 Set up measurement of page loading timings Elaborated Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 175321 Make bundled web server able to deliver json section html array for a given article In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 176813 Language indicator line is below the search area with large dynamic text sizes In-Scope Open None