Cloud Services Status Report

Project Kanban from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-21


Other (Kanban) 177614 jstart - TypeError: memoryview: str object does not have the buffer interface Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 176681 Striker should not allow tool names to include '_' for Kubernetes compatibility Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 176688 Update `sql` command to use new wiki replica servers In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 175086 Create and announce timeline for shutting down labsdb100[13] In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 173891 Create core ip_changes view for replicas In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 170492 figure out if nodepool is overwhelming rabbitmq and/or nova In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 171682 Remove 'importers' (note the ending 's') group from wikitech In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 176044 Replace kernel and reboot labvirt1015, 1016, 1017, 1018 In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 167114 Open view for term_full_entity_id in wb_terms table in labs Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 178310 Elasticsearch credential request for strephit Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 177450 Not all content is getting replicated to wikitech-static Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 177484 tools-mail queue length alert from prometheus cron Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 164123 tools-k8s-master-01 has two floating IPs In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164290 Set up external DNS record for wikitech-static In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164971 Broken unicode characters / invalid UTF-8 on Tool Labs index In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164992 Add /public/dumps access via NFS to dumpgrepper instance In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 165337 Add new users to 'bastion' project via a Keystone hook In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 166712 Remove logging from labs for schema In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 166845 monitor some things on all Cloud instances (discussion) In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 166985 Install DjVuLibre and XPDF packages for Kubernetes containers on Tool Labs In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 167204 disable service groups for non-tools projects In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 168027 Enhance workflow for tool labs membership requests In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 168433 Deprecate DSA (ssh-dss) SSH keys for Labs users In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 168470 Setup wikitech, horizon, and striker on new labweb hardware In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 169099 Locate an alternative source for modern Openstack Debian packages In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 169774 Cleanup: 2017-07-02 Toolforge data loss for permissive data In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 171494 Refactor OpenStack Puppet to account for Neutron In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 171508 Investigate and implement alternative for showmount based check at instance boot time In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 173511 Implement technical details and process for "datasets_p" on wikireplica hosts In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 174082 Update code and/or docs for "How can I detect if I'm running in Labs?" In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 174084 Update [[Help:Toolforge/Developing]] docs In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 174590 Revert patch that adds a temporary exception to the block-for-export check for the testlabs project In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 175096 Identify tools hosting databases on labsdb100[13] and notify maintainers In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 175885 Toolforge's static webserver broken by Puppet changes and stale nginx packages In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 176043 Prepare and check storage layer for amwikimedia (including dropping s7 version of the wiki) Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 176437 puppet ca_server confusion In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 176757 CamelCase vs. VPS instance naming In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 176891 DNS resolution chosing IPv6 addrs on hosts with only link-local IPv6 addresses Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177223 Determine schema differences between labsdb1001 and labsdb1009 Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177298 Switch Toolforge project hosts to the future parser Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177427 Remove non-interactive bots from #wikimedia-cloud Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177442 Create banner image for Wikimedia Cloud VPS Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177632 Document policy on Cloud VPS project scope Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177850 Page if the grid engine master is unreachable Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177851 Page if fullstack test fails more than once in a row Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177855 Difficulty applying profile class parameters in Horizon interface Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177880 Automatically run maintain-views and and maintain-meta_p when config changes on cloud replicas Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177914 Switch labstore servers to default SSH configuration Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 177959 Should VPS puppetmasters include labs-ns0/ns-1 in their resolv.confs? Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 178128 Access to raw database tables on labsdb* for wmcs-admin users Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 178508 Update VPS puppetmasters to 4.8 or newer Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 97081 toolsbeta: set up puppet-compiler / temporary-apply Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 178661 Drop wb_entity_per_page views in Wiki Replicas Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 143639 Write a simple script that handles failovering proxies In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 144215 Setup monitoring for cdnjs git pull In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 156174 Rewrite /usr/local/bin/crontab in python; fix bugs Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 156276 Deploy striker on labtestweb2001 In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 158196 Reimage labstore1001 and labstore1002 for DRBD storage setup In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 158883 Issues in enabling NFS for new projects (was 'adding project to nfs-mounts.yaml does not create directories') In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 161834 Undo special tools-home and tools-project share definitions for NFS In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 161899 End self-service new Trusty instance creation in Cloud VPS; standardize on Debian base images Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 162090 Investigate alternative RAID strategies for labstore1001/2 In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 162955 rebuild tools-grid-master as a large instance In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 163796 Audit disk usage on labvirts In-Scope Open None