Android Status Report

Project Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog from 2017-07-01 to 2017-10-01


Android-app-feature-Feeds 158788 Improve user experience for Random In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 141397 Allow users to customize feed content types In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 163469 Allow restoring feed cards after dismissal In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140011 [Feed 2.0] Add tutorial cards In-Scope Done None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 172379 Why top views data of different sources is not the same? Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 152284 Today’s Featured Article and In the News is not shown in Hungarian mobile app In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139784 [Feed 2.0] Add space card In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139667 [Feed 2.0] Add because you edited card In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139680 [Feed 2.0] Trending in category In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139184 [Feed 2.0] Add Wikiquote quote of the day In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139386 [Feed 2.0] Card pictures should use face detection In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 129081 [Feeds] Implement "nearby you" card In-Scope Open 5.0
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140679 [Feed 2.0] Continue reading card is redundant and should be removed In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140385 Final design tweaks in News card/activity In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140102 [EPIC] As a user, I want to see see a list of currently trending articles In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139676 [Feed 2.0] Add user card In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 146999 Storage: Should be able to store things that trend In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139183 [Feed 2.0] Add Commons picture of the day and media of the day cards In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140685 Date read text on the 'Continue reading' and 'Because you read' cards appear in the incorrect position In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 157366 Trending articles should be coalesced In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 153224 Consistent consumption of announcements feed endpoint In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140418 [Feed 2.0] Continue reading include a button to the history screen In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 137514 Feed cards should animate in In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 144574 As a reader, I would like to know why certain articles are trending In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 143272 After dismissing cards, remainder flicker when adding new cards In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Feeds 142422 Wikipedia Android - Bug - Swipe left on 'In the news' In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 142419 Wikipedia Android - Bug - Swipe gesture should work all the way to the RHS edge of 'In the news' In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 139182 [Feed 2.0] Add Wiktionary word of the day and foreign word of the day cards In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 141292 [BUG] Many languages only get 2 cards per Feed network request In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140841 Fast flick down on explore feed causes it to temporarily get stuck loading previous day's results In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Feeds 140780 [BUG] Feed scrolls to top when relaunching the app In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Navigation 139187 Consolidate color resources and styles throughout the app. In-Scope Cut 5.0
Android-app-feature-Navigation 113827 Improve nearby item list and map visual connection In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Navigation 116841 Standardize footer across mobile apps with addition of an "About this article" footer menu In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Navigation 117000 If a user navigates to same page more than once, show a suggestion to save that page In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Navigation 111314 Better support non-linear article exploration beyond tabs In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 158205 Provide help hint to users that editing title descriptions on articles is accessible by tapping the edit pencil In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 160753 Fix alignment of the first edit pencil on articles In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 149456 Wikidata description change doesn't trigger mobile-sections update In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 145813 [Epic] Make short descriptions editable In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 157081 Update MobileWikiAppLogin and MobileWikiAppCreateAccount schemas with a WikidataDescriptionEdit source In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 158173 UX enhancement – Show related article examples on the add title description screen In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 158174 Clarify capitalization expectations (for relevant languages) on onboarding screens In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 158191 Expand Help for title descriptions screen with further copywriting tips In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Description-Editing 158208 Show specific comment (if provided) in the title description reverted dialog In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 164926 For reading lists with description text that exceeds the 2-lines, use an ellipsis to indicate truncation in the reading list list-item In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 162839 Update visual design of user education UI for first time adding to a reading list In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 169117 New "Join Wikipedia" and "Log in" banners are light in dark mode In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 146385 Dark mode feed bottom navigation active icon has insufficient contrast with toolbar color In-Scope Cut 1.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 148875 CardHeaderView appears incorrect with long subtitles In-Scope Done 1.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 155868 Improve the usability of the Reading lists feature In-Scope Done None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 161415 Prevent saving nonexistent pages to a reading list In-Scope Done None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 165382 Update the app icon to be i18n-friendly In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 153340 Pronunciation icon should scale with user font size In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 153584 Onboarding tooltip for copying and sharing could be aligned better In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 156014 Wikipedia article links in gallery item descriptions sometimes have a language prefix, sometimes a 'w' prefix, sometimes none In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 156018 Non-prefixed Wikipedia links are indistinguishable from Commons links in gallery item descriptions In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 156092 Add action to overflow menus to remove a saved article from a reading list In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 156831 Standardize UI text used on labels, error and status messages In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 169740 Unexpected search behavior in 'My lists' Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 108726 Recommend UI enhancement: TOC drawer should appear in front of both the app bar and screen contents In-Scope Open 3.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 158080 Update visual display of null results when searching Wikipedia In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 158852 UX-enhancement - when there is no connectivity, disable articles list items that are not available offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 159470 Allow submitting a 2FA code along with initial login credential submission In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 160437 Add a title to the dialog clarifying that changing the search language is changing the Wikipedia language In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 160567 Improve the multi-lingual experience on the Android app In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 160634 Add motion transitions when deleting or undoing delete of articles in a list In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 160635 Unexpected behavior – tapping outside of the search field in Reading list and History does not exit the user from search In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 160747 Wikipedia app icon in Nougat In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 163741 Link previews intermediate expanded state should be smaller or removed In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 164772 Improve visual design and streamline workflow of the Share-a-fact feature In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 140827 Add transition when tapping on "Search Wikipedia" bar in explore feed to make response less jarring In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 172954 "Footer menu" and "Read more" headings in the TOC should be visually distinct from article section headings Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 166330 Simplify and improve "Find in page" on articles In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 166398 Show in progress activity when an article in a reading list is being downloaded for offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 103955 Article tabs should be dismissable by swiping In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 174797 Some space at the top is wasted when at the app is at bottom of a split screen Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 175117 Unable to differentiate the theme switcher from the article in dark theme Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 174795 Onboarding screens could be shown in a better way in split screens Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 143400 Improve the reading experience of footer sections of articles In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 144606 [BUG] Because you read icon should be centered on clock face In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 112970 The page loading screen should be more interesting In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 128044 Dark / light mode should use AppCompat day / night mode In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 130571 images in read more suggestions should have borders In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 146395 Update app launch screen design to better reflect loading progress In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 146399 App icons should be modernized and more platform centric In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 176759 Infobox rendering could be better Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 146919 Articles should present location information In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 146931 In the news should have better placeholder thumbnails In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 147085 Create account form should better indicate requirements not met In-Scope Open 2.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 147996 Create account form should report whether username is available prior to submission In-Scope Open 2.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 148685 When a page is refreshed by the user and the network is unavailable, show a message to the user In-Scope Open 2.0
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 118997 Make login link in edit confirmation screen more prominent In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 172283 Improve the ease of viewing individual citations references grouped together Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 150462 Article tabs should show specific number of tabs open even when >9 In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 150471 Icons on the article toolbar are hard to discern when the article's lead image is a light color In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 150473 Update the Search bar background color to Base90 in Light mode In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 172117 Explore feed 's overflow menu needs some UI love Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 172108 'Swipe to refresh' on explore feed should originate from below the search bar Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 171856 [bug] Overflow menu on article lists are misaligned Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 152227 Handle Wikidata descriptions containing Q#### reference numbers better In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 171334 System fonts get mixed up with article fonts to give a clutterred experience Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-UX-Debt 152975 In the news card item text is truncated on the side In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Offline 163227 [Crash] API 16 emulator crashes when trying to load link preview while offline (on a fresh install only) In-Scope Done 1.0
Android-app-feature-Offline 169815 [Possible crash] Test page saving under suboptimal network conditions Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157383 As a user concerned about privacy and legal matters, I expect this information to be available in the app offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157448 Provide clear indication of which articles in History are available whilst offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157376 Main page - Unclear offline status when content was previously loaded In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157367 Improve Picture of the day card full screen offline behavior In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 156994 Page cache doesn't handle redirects In-Scope Open 1.0
Android-app-feature-Offline 157337 Improve display and behavior of Explore feed content when user is Offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157343 Continue reading cards on feed are inconsistently shown on the Explore feed when offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157340 [BUG] Cards with content are hidden when the Explore feed is opened when there is no connection In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157451 Improve the offline experience of the Nearby tab In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157386 Show visual indication that tapping on "Support Wikipedia" takes the user to an external webpage In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 126926 Add a possibility to save a page as pdf In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Offline 157440 BUG - Citations opening as blank external web page instead of a bottom sheet when offline In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166559 Show amount of storage used by Wikipedia app and compilations to users In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163591 Make downloaded/active compilations searchable In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163590 Make a list of downloadable compilations searchable In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163586 Develop the content packs endpoint response schema In-Scope Cut 2.0
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166562 Allow content from multiple offline compilations to be available In-Scope Cut 3.0
Android-app-feature-Compilations 164760 Populate the metadata for all the different content packs we're going to be supporting In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 165745 Allow sharing the offline compilation/s without internet access In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166596 Provide data saving preferences In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 164387 Requirements for calculating disk usage In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 164386 Show the list contents In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166312 Display bespoke “main page” content for downloaded compilations In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166649 Notify users searching whilst offline that results are limited to available offline articles In-Scope Cut None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172296 Determine how to gather top-viewed article lists for use in generating ZIM files Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172797 Consolidate extraction steps in self-contained scripts Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 175291 Create one-off APK build for usability testing on <> Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 171341 Figure out how to associate compilation info with compilation files Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172736 Determine how to extract article lists from their canonical sources Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172735 Create 'pagecompilation' Swift account(s) (beta + prod) for Readers offline article compilations project Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 171764 Gather data to estimate Zim file downloads Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 170843 Determine where to host zim files for the Android app Screep Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172135 Determine how to embed metadata into zim files Screep Done 2.0
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163700 [Spike] What’s possible engineering wise for supporting multiple compilations? In-Scope Done None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174162 [BUG] Storage info should show the *current* space occupied by packs downloaded to the offline library, not the intended space to be occupied by not-yet-completed downloads Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174423 ZIM files downloaded through Kiwix are displaying in Offline Library with incomplete and incorrect information Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 175112 Link to an "recent" version of the page is shared when tying to share a page from an "offline library" Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166575 When offline, the Explore feed should show only content for whatever is available in an offline compilation In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174157 Display bespoke “main page” cards in the feed for each downloaded compilation when offline Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 175116 Table of contents for an page from the offline library seems to waste some space Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172739 Treat audio separately from video Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172123 Determine how to upload Zim files to Swift infrastructure Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172223 Investigate the status of the WMF-hosted openzim repo (and determine an update strategy) Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172738 Update mwoffliner for WMF client-specific needs Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166579 [QA-only task] Ensure the newest available version of an article when offline is shown In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172148 Determine URL paths for Zim files Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172734 Collect data on zim file generation and upload times Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 170840 Evaluate the Zim file format for "DB" like features Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172137 Estimate both beta and production downloads of Zim files Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174380 Provide hint for new 'Offline Library" menu item in Explore feed overflow Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172732 Create a production-ready zim content pack generation and upload service Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 171337 Setup Zim generation environment in the Mobile Apps Cloud VPS project (formerly labs) Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 170841 Determine where to generate Zim content packs using Production WMF infrastructure Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166599 [EPIC] Create the user interface flow for readers to use offline content packs In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 164756 Allow an explicit Offline mode In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 165744 Allow users in restricted locations to access the Wikipedia app with offline compilation/s In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174677 Cancelling a download in compilation detail page shows 'Remove' option Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174446 [BUG] Unexpected scrolling behavior on article pack details screen (in Offline Library) Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 173211 With a compilation downloaded and device offline, tapping a link for an article within a compilation loads the article without showing a preview Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166581 Show data savings from using compilations or reading list articles In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 173417 Add a download on WiFi only setting for article packs Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 167129 Conduct usability testing on the Offline compilations prototype In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 168301 Only show option to 'reload' an saved for offline article if a newer version of that article exists In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163585 [Spike] Figure out how to keep CSS and JS version aligned between the zim files and the app display In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174181 Undefined term "article pack" Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172803 Write a script for getting article lists for other languages from enwiki lists Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 174674 Wrong options shown in overflow menu for an article pack that is being downloaded Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163593 If a user wants to delete a compilation & compilation contains a reading list item that's unsaved, we should warn the user In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 163596 Provide users with more bandwidth usage control In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 173108 [BUG] Fling not working as expected in Reading lists and Offline Library Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172768 Determine the lifecycle of a WMF zim file Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172764 Remove unnecessary/Kiwix-specific content massaging Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 172769 Finish productionizing/puppetizing the mwoffliner zim creation environment Screep Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations 166576 Show available offline articles in the Nearby tab In-Scope Open None
Android-app-feature-Compilations-v1 174462 Clicking on 'Main page' on a compilation detail screen while online doesn't load the main page from the compilation Screep Open None
Bugs 167372 'text' field in ShareAFact schema is always NULL for 'highlight' events In-Scope Cut None
Bugs 154034 When editing TestWiki (and possibly other projects), the quick summary buttons don't show text In-Scope Cut 1.0
Bugs 106077 SVG and PNG images shown in Gallery shouldn't have their white background spill over into the rest of the view. In-Scope Cut 1.0
Bugs 162398 BUG: Previous UI text in Chinese now showing in English In-Scope Cut 1.0
Bugs 156148 [BUG] Articles opened via gallery should open in the same tab In-Scope Cut None
Bugs 162423 BUG: Mathematical formulas in some instances are not displayed when article is switched to dark mode In-Scope Cut 1.0
Bugs 163062 Various UI elements display an incorrect Chinese language variant In-Scope Cut None
Bugs 163115 [BUG] Article title is 'stuck' on showing a single title across all tabs after loading an article whilst offline In-Scope Cut None
Bugs 167307 Content is squeezed onto left side of screen on frwiki main page In-Scope Cut 1.0
Bugs 175925 Crash when an article is opened on pre-Lollipop devices Screep Done 1.0
Bugs 164320 Scrolling down in the feed on a Chromebook doesn't load more cards In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 141725 [Crash] IllegalStateException in MainActivity.pushFragment() In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 156383 Notification responses are malformed In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 145202 [BUG] Page header becomes garbled on rotation when screen is off In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 145694 [BUG] [API 19] Overhaul overflow menu should have elevation In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 166434 Change download location of images In-Scope Done None
Bugs 170000 [BUG] Regression - "My lists" background color should use Base80 Screep Done None
Bugs 146579 [BUG] Text on the Nearby tab wraps out of sight for some localizations In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 69628 i18n translations strings for 'yes' and 'no' are used in multiple questions In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 172999 [BUG] Bookmark on the article toolbar is not recognizing toggle state Screep Done None
Bugs 169891 [BUG] Empty state of search screen is not available in dark mode Screep Done None
Bugs 101852 Signature wiki-markup resolves to IP instead of user-signature in preview In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 169892 [BUG] Bottom sheet for articles in a reading list appearing disabled in Dark mode Screep Done None
Bugs 114891 [User] Search suggestions are inconsistent In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 166432 "No results" message overlaps other error messages in search results view In-Scope Done None
Bugs 126009 [Bug] .gif format lead images do not load in the article header In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 176756 Chinese translation error: "available offline" (@string/reading_list_article_offline) is translated as "available online" (在线可用) Screep Done 1.0
Bugs 171322 Soft hardware keys not present in upside-down rotation (moto g5 plus) Screep Done 1.0
Bugs 146929 [BUG] Article face detection doesn't work when page is from feed search In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 99812 view jumps to a random point within the article when navigated via random In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 174115 "Today on Wikipedia" tap while offline harkens Marty McFly Screep Done 1.0
Bugs 166319 Pages saved for offline are unavailable when offline In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 172701 Offline message should be displayed in a better way in landscape mode Screep Done None
Bugs 141681 [BUG] Searching from mobile web opens and immediately terminates the app and shows no results in mobile web In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 174977 {{REVISIONID}} returns null, causing templates to be rendered in Preview mode (when using REST API) Screep Done None
Bugs 169989 Regression: "Did you mean" search suggestion has disappeared Screep Done None
Bugs 136981 [Crash] NullPointerException in PageTitle.isFilePage() In-Scope Done 1.0
Bugs 65265 timestamp in Hebrew and possibly other languages must support more than singular and plural In-Scope Open None
Bugs 65874 Edit link loads the wrong section in some cases (for Mobileview API) In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 68209 Do not line-break long words in ToC In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 68475 Media files continue playing when you leave the article or exit the app In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 68750 When audio loses focus, it doesn't actually pause In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 69431 Wikipedia app should not use Android's built-in localization system for the footer "Last edited" text In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 70265 /* section title */ in edit summary shouldn't get language converted In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 75751 Disable language selection for languages that are not supported by the OS In-Scope Open None
Bugs 86577 Image description, when hidden, sometimes is still visible right at the bottom of the page In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 86727 Fling to scroll on "Read more" section doesn't work. In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 87638 Scrolling in description area isn't easily possible when a link takes too much place In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 88509 Page footer isn't shown when WebView height is changed after page finishes rendering. In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 91973 the app doesn't tell that no matching titles were found In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 96359 "Read more" block should not overlap with page content In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 98991 No lead image for Share A Fact in landscape orientation In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 102192 TOC has "Read more" even if no Read more section exists In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 103949 Links in edit preview should behave consistently / tapping superscripted references in edit preview does nothing In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 103950 Hyperlink click area is too large In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 104526 Main page article language picker doesn't include Afrikaans In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 106782 Nearby should tell the user there's a network error much faster than it does In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 106960 Android app ignores markup requesting style change to serif fonts In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 107469 Last updated link should use activity picker In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 107718 Soft keyboard does not open when search bar app language selector opens In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 109177 "Font and theme" not available when article is loading In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 109376 Bug: Page image thumbnails in history, saved pages, etc. do not respect namespace In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 109596 Media help should not be displayed In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 109611 the bubble that teaches the user about the TOC button on the Wikipedia Android app may appear on the wrong side with LTR/RTL are mixed up In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 109644 [2.0.108-alpha-2015-08-19] 'Open in new tab' option: unvisited pages in the tab do not display thumbnail imgs In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 112220 Share a fact onboarding tooltip misaligned on Nexus 6 In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 112682 Intermittent failure to wrap paragraphs to screen width in mobile view, seen frequently in "Signpost" articles In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 114025 Article language not used for links in gallery In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 115266 Read in other languages gives wrong page names (with namespace missing) for pages in non-main namespaces In-Scope Open None
Bugs 116289 Link preview menu option cut off In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 120277 [User] Nearby doesn't remember pan and zoom level In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 120315 [User] [Bug] [Fire] Application chooser shouldn't include Wikipedia In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 120769 [ 2.1.135-alpha-2015-12-07]'Read more' section displayed blank when a user navigates with back button In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 120799 [User] [Bug] Highlighted section in table of contents doesn't always match clicked section In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 121004 [ANR] Nearby hangs on bad connection when back is pressed In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 122084 Nested infoboxes: Click on close scrolls back to top In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 122364 [2.1.136-alpha-2015-12-18]Collapsible templates are not fully displayed In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 123027 [Bug] Changing app language from settings causes two main page tabs to be opened in low memory circumstances In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 126578 "Last updated" history link opens browser In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 126725 [BUG] Returning to the app closes edit window (with moving made changes to /dev/null) In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 126921 Page actions menu keeps open when clicking "Find in page" for LG V500 In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 126927 "Did you mean: " box in web; there should be a comparable solution for the app In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 126928 Nearby: Map isn't loading, while works In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 127353 External link gives "No target found" on Samsung Galaxy S3 In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 127406 RTL text embedded in LTR reference displayed out of order in Android app In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 127478 Text not copied when copy a text selection on certain devices and OS versions In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 129163 [Dev] SyntaxHighlighterTest fails In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 130403 [2.1.143-alpha-2016-03-18] 'Find in page' cannot search collapsed tables In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 130622 Allow saving pages to external storage In-Scope Open None
Bugs 131051 [Crash] SecurityException: caller uid is different than the authenticator's uid In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 133118 [BUG] The first letter of Reading List titles should default to uppercase when creating a list In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 134438 TOC jumps to wrong sections if multiple sections share the same name In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 134892 [BUG] Some image file pages 404 In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 135272 [BUG] IPA should be stripped from link preview text extracts In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 135449 [BUG] Loading a new page appears jumbled initially In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 135907 Wikipedia app screen widget shows "Did you know" instead of "Featured Article" on In-Scope Open None
Bugs 137039 Enter app from website got wrong language In-Scope Open None
Bugs 137464 Hebrew Wikipedia app section editing problems In-Scope Open None
Bugs 139230 [Bug] Reading list doesn't differentiate articles with the same title In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 140438 [CRASH] onPrepareOptionsMenu called with empty menu In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141294 [BUG] Settings activity lacks margins on 4.1.1 (with Genymotion) In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141334 <mapframe> is not visible in native apps In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141592 android app's search uses wrong language after language switch In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141596 <graph> are broken in android app In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141682 [BUG] Invisible content selected after long-press to the right of background section header In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 141782 App incorrectly hides certain hatnotes in sv.wp In-Scope Open None
Bugs 142837 Wikipedia Android - Bug - {{multiple images}} does not open the tapped image as expected In-Scope Open None
Bugs 143877 Kartographer maps are not shown in Wikipedia App In-Scope Open None
Bugs 143998 [BUG] Main toolbar appears, then reanimates in when TOC is opened while the toolbar is offscreen In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 144170 Share image text formatting for superscript makes mistakes In-Scope Open None
Bugs 144619 Wikipedia App does not handle Templates properly In-Scope Open None
Bugs 144976 [Nougat] Ensure image widening respects width limits for larger Display Size settings In-Scope Open None
Bugs 144984 [Nougat] Screen contents should not be garbled after Display Size setting is changed In-Scope Open 2.0
Bugs 145701 [BUG] Main screen context menu not shown when hardware context key pressed on some devices In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 145802 [BUG] Leaving the gallery loses an image In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 145896 [BUG] Map markers should be larger and colored within the app theme In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 145906 [BUG] Snackbars should be confined to the originating screen In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 145913 [BUG] Changing page language to non-English and opening gallery shows duplicate images for single image articles In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 146091 [BUG] Snackbars should appear above article toolbar In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 146506 Page issues section not handled correctly in cswiki In-Scope Open None
Bugs 146747 [BUG] Scroll status preserved when opening new page In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 146869 [BUG] Explore feed scroll status is not preserved with Don't Keep Activities enabled. In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 147097 [BUG] Login toolbar doesn't change size on app rotation In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 147196 EventLogging sees MobileWikiAppFindInPage parsing errors In-Scope Open None
Bugs 147450 Two edit pencils are displayed overlapping each other if articles have no lead section In-Scope Open None
Bugs 148645 Content service doesn't handle URL fragments when redirecting In-Scope Open None
Bugs 149027 Item titles in search result should respect user's variant settings In-Scope Open None
Bugs 149429 Articles with underscores in the name are shown with spaces in link preview In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 149431 most-read endpoint returns 404 for invalid dates In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 150424 [BUG] Unable to select title and wikidata description text on articles In-Scope Open None
Bugs 150798 Changing system language doesn't invalidate feed card cache In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 153573 Show the search icon in Explore view until the Search bar is completely visible In-Scope Open None
Bugs 153595 Unapproved article version shown in mobile apps In-Scope Open None
Bugs 153825 link is not handled by app In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 153946 Weird screen shown when clicking the "Show tabs" icon when the device is offline In-Scope Open None
Bugs 156405 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-android-strings-wikidata description guide url/nl]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
Bugs 156829 Remove must-revalidate cache-control header from mobile-sections-lead and mobile-sections-remaining responses In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 156846 android app doesn't play specific file - ogv source In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 156943 Limit languages supported to wikis with at least 5 active users In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 157350 "Can't open file" when attempting to open downloaded alpha build on Kitkat In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 157622 Lead edit pencil has no active or hover state state In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 157808 Bottom content sometimes never appears In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 157874 References within "cite book" template are shown completely in italics in snack bar In-Scope Open None
Bugs 158635 Editing section opens wikitext for previous section In-Scope Open None
Bugs 158965 In few cases trying to edit a redirected page seems to induce weird behaviour In-Scope Open None
Bugs 159841 Vector drawables sometimes not drawn fully on certain APIs. In-Scope Open None
Bugs 159852 [API 19] Snackbar is twice as tall as it should be In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 163230 R.drawable.ic_no_article is rendered incorrectly on Lollipop and Marshmallow In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 163234 Vector drawables scale poorly on a Kindle Fire 7 In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 163360 User options are downloaded every time the user opens an article from the feed In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 163738 Image widening isn't working 100% correctly In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 164317 [Crash] Mapbox crashes the app on Chromebook In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 164439 Devices sometimes claim not to be able to handle viewing library licenses In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 164848 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-android-strings-description edit tutorial keep it short instructions]] i18n issue: Not all languages count by words In-Scope Open None
Bugs 164936 Syntax highlighting is fast only on high-end devices In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 164951 [BUG] Share-a-fact onboarding tooltip cannot be triggered In-Scope Open None
Bugs 164957 Show complete license info for images shown in full screen In-Scope Open None
Bugs 165313 [BUG] Article bar should scroll off when user scrolls downwards to read article In-Scope Open None
Bugs 166070 IPAs with audio recording show blue box in pronunciation dialog In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166151 "No results found" message not visible when keyboard active when triggered from Article tabs In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166160 Tapping Back from a File page of an image doesn't show the article from which the user navigated away In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166318 Footer talk link does not handle non-mainspace pages correctly In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166325 Find in page finds more matches for superset than subset In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166327 App falsely(?) reports that the user's password is incorrect In-Scope Open 1.0
Bugs 166336 Respect plural rules for format_reading_list_statistical_summary_* In-Scope Open None
Bugs 168112 IPA text mangled in ShareAFact In-Scope Open None
Bugs 168383 [BUG] Voice search does not always produce results. In-Scope Open None
Bugs 170791 Fail to log-in at Wikipedia app with the language set as Chinese language Screep Open None
Bugs 171517 Incorrect link shown as highlighted when long-pressing on a link in close proximity to another link Screep Open None
Bugs 171521 Deep-linking should work on article subsection links (App should open articles to the appropriate section) Screep Open None
Bugs 171754 apps-android-wikipedia-periodic-test takes a while to fetch screenshots Screep Open None
Bugs 171875 Activities that use CollapsingToolbarLayout with RecyclerView jolt upwards when item overflow menu is pressed Screep Open None
Bugs 171969 Hebrew alt. text for an image is displayed left-to-right instead of right-to-left Screep Open None
Bugs 172536 [BUG] Extended blue header on explore feed appears disjointed in certain test conditions Screep Open None
Bugs 172568 User may be directed to unrelated content from the "featured article" widget Screep Open None
Bugs 172887 [BUG] User should not be able to scroll up to content above a list when search is active Screep Open None
Bugs 172998 [BUG] Article overflow menu is missing the "Remove from reading list" option Screep Open None
Bugs 173841 [BUG] Wikidata description for Simple English should be shown on Simple English articles if it differs from the value for English Screep Open None
Bugs 173842 [BUG] Wikidata description for the specific Chinese language variant should be shown Screep Open None
Bugs 174013 Consider changing the "Read more" label to "Related pages" and changing its design to look less like a true page section Screep Open None
Bugs 174114 "Send usage data" toggle tap channels Schrödinger's cat Screep Open 1.0
Bugs 174301 Adaptive Icons for Android app Screep Open None
Bugs 174993 Vandalism in "In the news" articles persisting in the app' ? Screep Open None
Bugs 175198 Certain Unicode characters are displayed as emoji on Samsung devices Screep Open None
Bugs 175927 [BUG] Category maintenance text should be stripped out of article view Screep Open None
Bugs 176739 Map marker is misplaced when loading from MCS Screep Open 1.0
Bugs 176742 Keyboard is laggy when editing on 5.1 Screep Open 1.0
Bugs 176752 Clicking the lead image registers a long press in the article text Screep Open 1.0
Bugs 176780 [BUG] Language preferences override the app language settings after login Screep Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 136321 [Dev] Transition JsonPageLoadStrategy caching to Retrofit and OkHttp In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 158014 Investigate how to improve Android CI performance and stability In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 157605 Fix PageLoadTest timeouts In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 139546 [Dev] Translation tests should be plain JUnit, not instrumentation tests In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150623 Upgrade CI emulator to API 25 In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 158456 Figure out the right way to keep the Android SDK up to date in CI In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141127 Remove dependency on apps-android-java-mwapi In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 158349 Isolate page data client responsibilities In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 135761 [Dev] Remove pingback dependency and related code In-Scope Done 1.0
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150859 RbServiceError is not used correctly In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 145884 [dev] Upgrade to HockeyApp SDK v4.1.1 In-Scope Done None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 109618 Make dev settings show actual setting name, instead of dev string. In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 151227 Update authentication flows In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150797 PageActivity should not have page load logic in it In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150367 Static language table should include aliasing and type information In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150274 diff-screenshots should be divided into diff-img In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150272 Periodic CI tests should require that the contents of app/screenshots and app/screenshots-ref be identical In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 150271 diff-screenshots should support images of different dimensions In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 148791 Update NavTabLayout and ArticleTabLayout to use BottomNavigationView In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 148761 Replace Android quantity strings with Extended/MessageFormat or similar offering In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 109387 and should have Jenkins job In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 107988 Publish prod alpha and beta prod apps using gradle-play-publisher In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 147335 Improve app upload performance during development In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 146487 Have a way to monitor the crash rate and alert for sharp increases In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 146383 Theme styles should be structured hierarchically In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 145834 SearchFragment should be hosted in its own Activity In-Scope Open 3.0
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 145803 GalleryActivity and GalleryFragment should be remade In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 144685 [dev] Talk and user namespace detection should be localized In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141315 [dev] releasesprod flavor should be removed In-Scope Open 1.0
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141159 [Differential] Remove Gerrit support from repo and jobs In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141158 [Differential] Add Differential support to CI jobs In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141151 Consider implementing SSL/TLS certificate pinning In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 99676 Consider switching all uses of currentTimeMillis method to nanoTime instead In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 141053 Exclude 'test' from languages list in beta/prod builds In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 107669 Hygiene: Git release branches should be converted to tags In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 140017 [Dev] Add FaceAndColorDetectImageView test In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 140016 [Dev] Add ArticleHeaderImageViewTest In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 139547 Translation tests should use locale parameterization In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 105230 Use last commit date in versionName In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 104207 Jenkins should build release Android APKs In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 89831 Don't perform arbitrary-length transactions over the Javascript bridge. In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 104108 Enable ESLint for Android App JavaScript code In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 139004 Spike: Audit mobileview API assumptions In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 138709 Use microformats on Wiktionary to improve term parsing In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 136662 [Dev] Stand up a secure production build server In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 136659 [Dev] Add Gradle task to check for dependency updates In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 166309 [Spike] Investigate integration with Instant Apps In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 164499 [SPIKE] Research the affect of site associations on the Google Play website In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 162721 Robolectric tests failing on Windows? In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 162546 Test the app on newer devices with large aspect ratios In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 160089 Checkstyle or Lint should report when class package name does not match path In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 159246 Native page content Views should use an event bus to subscribe to page language changes In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 166903 Replace Otto event bus In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 158807 Add translation test to ensure Wikitext and Markdown translations are forbidden In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 167314 Create EventLogging dev setting In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 103953 WebView should support ctrl-r / f5 reloads In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 158017 Improve reading list thumbnail and description updating logic in ReadingListPageDetailFetcher In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 157351 Clarify string content permitted for translators In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 156888 Screenshots should be versioned in app/screenshots not app/screenshots-ref In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 156887 Screenshot references should be stored in separate repo In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 156496 Add html attribute to AppTextView In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 156270 Automate CSS updates In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 156072 Handle internal page links that begin with the page title In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 155077 Replace AvPlayer with ExoPlayer In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 155860 Refactor the view hierarchy in CreateAccountActivity In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 152790 EditSectionActivity should use a Fragment pattern and be composed of multiple views In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 152511 Screenshot tests should use a background In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 152455 Add support to periodic CI tests for exercising arbitrary revisions In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 152454 Investigate best practice for mocking network data In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 134505 [Differential] Update repo configuration to enable Differential In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 129537 Investigate effort to set up binary protocol support In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 118208 [Dev] android-builds server should update on repo change In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 152237 Log error info remotely when API response unmarshalling fails In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 151265 GsonUtil should use ISO 8601 format In-Scope Open None
Android Tech Debt (Tech Debt + Backlog) 117380 [Dev] Crash report description should include device locale In-Scope Open None